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March 20, 2011

Mom in training.

My dear cousin, Cait, has been coming over to help with dinner and bedtime on Fridays since the girls were only a few weeks old and now Cait is cooking her own baby! Oh, it has been wonderful to have an excuse to have Cait over every week, especially now that she's pregnant! I love hanging out with her and the kids do, too. Here is a classic picture of Cait in action, having just fed a fussy baby a bottle after trying to distract that baby with a toy Cait attempts to eat her pizza while Art tries to get her attention. I love you, Cait! I have more cute baby pants for you!


Dr Em said...

I love so many things about this picture.

Nance said...

Me, too! I love all those kids! But what are those balls doing on Art's shirt?

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