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March 07, 2011

Jessica is turning in to quite the chef.

Tonight, last minute, she decided to make some sort of Indian chicken dish. "It was a keeper for sure, that gets five stars," she just said after I mentioned how tasty it was. She just looked it up, it's called Murgh Kare (here's the recipe). Anyway, over dinner Jessica, after tasting her dish, turned to me and complimented herself: "I'm getting pretty fricken' good at making dinner aren't I?" And she is! She even made some sort of saag-type type dish with fresh spinach and potato as a side, totally made up the recipe and it was tasty. I said to her before, it's really wonderful for me and all the kids that she can cook and that she's getting so good at it. Think of all the million meals we'll be enjoying from our in-house chef? And can you imagine the quantities she'll be making in 10 years? Holy wakamolee!

And she does it with two babies.

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