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February 14, 2011

Visiting Nicholas' tree.

Today (nature day) we all took a walk south 2 blocks to the egret's nest, an especially beautiful drainage ditch. There, on the edge of the pond, is a tree that has a small opening in the bottom. We all like to pretend that Nicholas, a small bunny, lives there with his family. Today when we visited but Nicholas was away. We left him a little piece of brownie. Then, as we used to do, Art asked to hear a story about Nicholas. I have fun making up some fun thing that involves Art and Nicholas together. Today they found a magic leaf that, if they held it, would make them fly. Art gets entirely wrapped up in the stories imagining him and Nicholas together. Today he asked with intensity, "Papa, is Nicholas real or not?"

Jessica took this nice photo of Art and Lew sitting on the frozen pond listening to a story.

And Art soaring from the top of a big pile of snow:

Jessica wisely suggested I photograph Netta's gloved foot:

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