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February 04, 2011

Todays accomplishments...

I often tell people that the only way I keep my sunny disposition
while caring for the twin babies AND the preschool-age boys is with
LOTS OF HELP. I never refuse help. I make a habit of accepting all
offers to hold a baby, load the dishwasher, change a diaper... In
fact, I try to hold babies as little as possible whenever I have
guests and I have yet to spend an entire day alone with four of my

Well, today was a patchwork day of me plus Lewis and girls, me and
just girls, all four kids with just me and my cousin with all four
kids and me and I would say I fared just ok. This was oing to be a
sob story post about how all i did today was nurse and nurse and nurse
and nurse (supply is apparently low because those girls have been
nursing all the time and when i got so sick of nursing and gave them a
bottle they each took at least three ounces, proving that I am behind
and need to ramp it up!) but in retrospect I did a lot more than I
thought. I managed to get two loads of laundry put away. I made a
batch of chocolate chip cookies and and nice glazed pork chop dinner
with roasted squash. I emptied the dishwasher. I loaded the
dishwasher. I washed the diaper covers. I set up the boys for
painting and put away yesterday's awesome train track and I even drove
Lewis to the Y to meet Ben and Art.

I shed a few tears when the girls woke up only ten minutes into their
nap for the third time, but Netta got herself back down and I nursed
Bailey back to sleep long enough to get 10 minutes of shut eye myself.
So, all in all, not a bad day for this stay at home mom. Good job,


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