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February 01, 2011

Grandpa Tim and Cynthia's visit.

My father Tim and his wife Cynthia visited last week from North Carolina. It was a long scheduled trip meant to overlap the three days I was out of town shooting a wedding. Cynthia, a homemaker extraordinaire, was really helpful around the house, with babies and great company for Jessica.

But as Jessica wrote me a couple times while I was away, my father and Arthur especially seemed to be establishing a real connection and friendship during the visit. Papa did puzzle after puzzle with Art, he wrestled with the boys just as he did a gazillion times with my brother and I as kids, and Papa and Cynthia took the boys to the Mall of America for a couple rides (and big deal for the Art and Lew). It warmed my heart thinking of Art and Papa getting to know each other better and for Arthur to be getting so much undivided attention from his Grandpa. They're two of the most important men in my life!

The day before their flight back to North Carolina we had planned a Chinese feast (cooked by Jess and Cynthia) together with my brother and his wife all together at our house. But Papa and Cynthia had to suddenly leave a day early to avoid the big snow storm. And I think the person most disappointed was Art. He knew he was going to miss his good friend and playmate Grandpa Tim!

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