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January 13, 2011

Solo Mama.

Tonight was one of the rare nights I allow myself to do bedtime solo. Babies, boys and bedtime can be a very complicated and delicate balance! But tonight my cousin, who was supposed to help out, was sick and i just didn't feel like dragging my mom out of her toasty house to come hold babies, so I did it alone. Besides, both the boys and I really enjoy going back to the good old days, when it was just the three of us while Papa's at work. Of course, we still had the babies, but once in a while its nice to do things on our own.

Anyway, Thursday night is Breakfast for Dinner so we had scrambled eggs with ham and roasted potatoes. Yum! We LOVE Breakfast for Dinner! I had the boys set the table and they had a tift over who was going to get to sit next to me. I said i would sit at the end of the table, so I'm in the middle, but that was not good enough. "Ok!" says Lewis angrily. "Then i sit next to you!" and he pulls his chair around to the end of the table so he's next to me. Then Art says, "Well then I'm going to sit next to you, too!" and he pulls his chair around, too. So we ate our dinner all three of us smooched at the end of the table. I set the camera to take a photo.

Perhaps things go so smoothly on these nights because I'm more focused, or perhaps its because i got a good nap today. Or maybe everybody is so cooperative because there's no choice, I don't know. But tonight was a breeze. I didn't even have to rock babies or do crazy amounts of holding and heroics. I literally just set each baby in the crib when they were drowsy and they fell asleep on their own. I even bathed all four children and washed everyone's hair! Granted, the boys weren't done with books until 8:45, which is one of the reasons i don't usually do bedtime alone (it just takes a long time) but it was a lovely night.


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