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January 20, 2011

A facebook lovefest for Lewis

My favorite use of facebook is to ask a question. You reach so many
people simultaneously! Here is the results of a recent query:

Jessica Parker Garvin
Lewis' fortune cookie said that someone was complementing him in his
absence today. So, who was it?
Monday at 7:53pm · · Like · Comment

Laurie Parker Well, earlier today I thought to myself about how
awesome his "No like it? Try it!" attitude is, as I tried to feed
Aline some broccoli and she didn't really see his point of view.
Monday at 7:57pm · Like

Nance Longley It was us! Me, Brian, and Hannah were talking about what
a great kid Lewis is - but that was yesterday...
Monday at 7:57pm · Like

Hannah Longley it's true!
Monday at 8:57pm · Like

Emily Parker it was me! I was telling Mike's mom what a happy kid he is!
Monday at 10:29pm · Like · 1 person

Deb Parker Maybe the fortune is off by a day or two ... Amy said
something similar just the other day. Gotta catch up with you guys ...
Monday at 10:36pm · Like

Michael Nawrocki It wasn't me. I no like it that guy.
Monday at 10:58pm · Like


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