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January 09, 2011

Celebrating our 2,000th blog post.

This is our 2,000th blog post, which means absolutely nothing. But in celebration of that nothingness I'm posting a bunch of fun data from Google Analytics about our site. Unlike a period last year , this year we've got a page view from every state in the country, including a single visit from Wyoming (who the hell was that?). And a few hits from Russia (Hannah!) among other odd countries.

This first graph shows a dramatic spike in October page views, which of course makes the birth of our twins totally worth it (I wonder what triplets would've done?). Anyway, for some reason I find this sorta info really interesting. Now, among other things, we know most of the people who check our blog do it from an Apple using Safari, that people referred through facebook spend an average of 30-seconds longer on-site than those with direct links and, most importantly, that the Polish have a short attention span (24 hits from Poland with average time on site less than a second!).

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Anonymous said...

That Wyoming hit was one of my students at duke! It was required reading esp for the fall cohort and after the girls were born. Helen

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