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December 30, 2010

The word of the day is...

BULLSHIT. Say it with me: Bullshit. I am having trouble catching the girls in their drowsy-and-not-overtired stage lately and have been having a terrible time with their naps. Every time they wake up after I've put them down I say, "Bullshit!" (or "Fucking shit"). Today was especially bad because I didnt sleep so well last night. No fault of the babies this time, though. They're great at night. I just had a lot on my mind. Anyway, I had to get to Walgreens to pick up a prescription this morning and I was going to go even though, of all times for me to have planned to walk with the girls, it was raining.

My few outings with the double stroller have been pretty good. The girls are generally soothed by the bumping and the stroller even handles the snow fairly well, but they were not soothed today. I didn't care. I pushed two screaming babies four blocks to the pharmacy and walked an extra block to get them asleep before I entered the store. They stayed asleep just long,enough for me to make it to the pharmacy counter and endure a brief interrogation by a woman about whether or not they were twins, were they girl and boy and "They are angry!". (I think my obvious bad mood kept her from saying anything else. I have to admit, I do not enjoy the spectacle nature of bringing the two babies out in public.)

But as shitty as my day was (I had to call me mom for reinforcements because the girls were unputdownable) I have to admit that most of the challenges I face daily are normal new baby woes, twin or no twin. And the whole of my current life has brought me a greater sense of present-mindedness (which I may elaborate on if I have time someday) but today was a little challenging. Thank god for my mother!

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Dr Em said...

what a nasty day it was, indeed! If it is not too treacherous today, we will come over.

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