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December 13, 2010

What Bailey and Netta are doing...

Just a little note about the girls, since they are emerging from their blob-phase.  They can smile!  We haven't figured out the trick to getting them to do it which is why we haven't gotten a picture, but we're working on it.  And I think Bailey will be cooing soon since she has started to make what seem to be accidental sounds now and then that are not crying or snorting so it would seem that she will start playing with that eventually.

But I must admit that until recently I thought of them more as a two-headed baby than as two different babies.  So much of their care is simultaneous like nursing and and rocking and even diapering (I usually have both of them on the changing pad at once) and when they were completely unresponsive socially it kind of felt like I was just lugging around one unit with lots of limbs.  But now they are heavier and awake more often and I actually spend time looking into their awake eyes during the day so they are becoming two babies.  Look everyone!  I have twins!

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