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December 08, 2010

Twins' Stats - 2 mos

I brought the camera with me to Netta and Bailey's two month check-up today but it's just too crazy to try and take a picture while you're holding babies, making babies naked, redressing babies, soothing babies after shots and talking about babies' health.  And healthy they are!  Doctor had no concerns.  She was impressed to hear they are all breast-fed and went home with me from the hospital.  (Sometimes I feel bad for twins in general, getting this bad rap that they are all early, tiny and formula supplemented.  I have already met several twin moms who breast-fed their full-term, healthy weight twins.  But I digress...)  

So!  The stats.

Despite the fact that Netta will often sneak in an extra feeding during the day, she was just a half ounce heavier than Bailey at 10 lbs 2.5oz.  (I can't believe she has gained 3 oz shy of four pounds!)  That makes her in the 33rd percentile for weight, while Bailey is just 32nd at 10lb 2oz.  Bailey!  You have catching up to do!  Netta is also a whopping 1/4 inch longer than her sister at 22.75" while Bailey is only 22.5".  Shrimp!  Both their heads were the same.  But who really cares about the head circumference?  Anyway, Netta is 68th percentile for length and tiny little Bailey is 58th.  Funny.  Bailey was 5oz heavier at birth.  Now Netta is the heavy.

Other than weight and height and the general reflex and eye/ear checks there's not much to talk about.  I couldn't remember at what age a baby starts to fall into the two-big-naps pattern for the day so we talked about that.  The doctor reminded me that it can be as long as six months before that daytime routine shapes up and that right now it is very normal for them to be fairly random in the day-to-day routines.  She asked if they are smiling yet and I answered that we think we have gotten a smile out of each of them, but nothing predictably conjures one.  She then said, "And that's pretty much all they do right now."  So there it is!  

The girls got shots today and after we got home and they nursed themselves some lunch around 12:30pm and they slept.  And slept.  AND SLEPT.  They did not wake up until 6:30pm!  Who knows what the night will bring.  Last night they nursed their last meal around 9:30pm and didn't wake until 3am.  I slept five hours in a row!  Then up again at 6:30am.  So nice.  We'll see what happens tonight.  


Anonymous said...

Great news from a super mom!

Dr Em said...

we couldn't manage to take pictures at Charlotte's appointment with two adults and one baby. Kudos for trying!

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