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December 25, 2010

Our Christmas short story.

I have time to post these photos and write a little because I'm at work (had to work Christmas eve and day this year. Not fun but also nice having a job!). The thing I miss most is the tasty food being eaten at the house as I write this.

Anyway, this was the first year the idea of Santa Claus really took hold with Arthur (and even Lewis). And we did nothing to stop it.

My friend at work gave me three big quality Tonka trucks his kids had outgrown and we were hiding them downstairs in a basement closet for Christmas. The other night we were playing hide and seek and Lewis hid in a closet. After I found him I picked him up but he was snagged on something. His arm seemed to be stuck. It had a tight hold of a big Tonka truck. "I want that truck, Paha," he pleaded. I had to gently pry his hand off the thing and told him it was a surprise from Santa Claus for Christmas and that he'd have to wait. For some reason he didn't protest.

When I helped him pee in the middle of the night last night Lewis said sleepily, "Did Santa bring that truck, Paha? I want uh go downstairs and play with that truck." I put him back into bed and then the kids woke up twice earlier in the morning, once at 6, another time closer to 7. Each time we pleaded with the kids to return back to their beds. But just after 7 they finally headed downstairs as Jessica and I lay upstairs, carefully listening and smiling. They found the three big trucks that Jessica smartly arranged as a construction scene and for the next five minutes we heard a discussion as to what they found and heard the sounds of dumping and picking up dominoes.

Notice the plate on the piano bench. Some crumbs and pieces of carrots left by Santa and some reindeer.

Art's friend Henry has a set of tracks that can be arranged to make cool Hot Wheels ramps and jumps and stuff. Art borrowed it twice, once just last week, and really wanted a set. It was wonderful listening to him prepare himself for disappointment, talking about how he really wanted that car thing but that he's probably not going to get it. I remember feeling that way as a kid. Really wanting something but trying not to since not having it would just create more heartache.

Anyway, he got the his much desired Hot Wheels set, here's the moment he realized what it was:

And, secretly and completely against her will, Santa Claus got Jessica an iPad. Here she is playing Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here from her iPad (with Netta). After each chord she paused to admire the sound. It really is a wonderful piece of music.

Since I have to work tonight all the Parker's (and my brother and his wife) came over to our house so Jessica wouldn't have to drive across town. Here's a quick photo I took before zipping off to work. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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