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December 12, 2010

Jessica photographs the snow.

I just finished telling Jessica how impressed I was this morning when she grabbed the camera and said she wanted to go outside and take photos of the snow. Not because of what she did (although she did make  some really nice photos...), but because it's rare she's able or willing to just up and put herself first. And she did. She ditched me with some fidgedy babies and a slightly grumpy Art and Lew and left out the front door. Jessica, I really do hope you find more ways to do that!

Here's the product of her labor:

Our neighbor Carolyn's truck.

Here's an email (used with permission!) that Jessica wrote my mother in Arkansas about teh weather

"I must admit your weather sounds boring.  I took some content-only photos (light and composition totally boring but high snow somewhat amazing) and you will see snow that reaches within inches of our railing on the front steps.  A snow drift that towers over my neighbor's truck and our backyard tables buried deep.  Quite fun.  The boys are all walking/sledding to Walgreens right now to get the car.  Ben couldn't find anywhere to park last night after work and got the idea from a neighbor who said, "Yeah, I don't have time to walk to Walgreens."  Apparently there were several other cars there from people with the same idea.  Then he had to walk home in the street. There were no sidewalks to speak of."

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engagedbliss said...

whoa, the truck has never looked that cool before... mame

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