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December 15, 2010

Art's stats are now ready!

Today was Art's five-year-old appointment - - with SHOTS!  He was pretty newvous about the shots but he went to the appointment and didn't bolt or anything.  I told him that wa brave, because being brave means doing something even though you are scared.  

Art is 3' 11.5" tall and 50lbs.  92nd percentile for weight, 99th for height.  He has already commented that he is the tallest in whole world.  Anyway, he did his flu nasal mist, no problem, and then got ready for the first of three shots in his thigh.  He cried and nuzzled into me saying that he didn't want the other ones.  "I don't want it to go into my skin!" he cried.  But I held him and the nurse braced his knee with her leg so she could pop the other two in.  After that first one I knew we had to power through right then or we'd never get him back for the others.  He did it!  He picked cherry favored gummy slices for his treat and hid them from Lewis when he got home.  

Good job, Art!  You earned those slices!

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