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November 29, 2010

"This is the best present in the whole world."

We heard variations of that sentiment all day today after Art received his cornet this morning. Jessica and I had decided long ago that we'd give Art the instrument for his birthday. A year or so ago he played an old trumpet at the cottage and seemed quite natural at it and clearly had fun.

On the advice of MN Orchestra principal trumpet player Manny Laureano (Jessica's friend and former youth orchestra conductor!), we wanted to start Art with a cornet. And Jessica's Uncle Dick, a fine musician and musical renaissance man of sorts, offered to give us the old (and working) one he bought a garage sale years ago for his daughter. Which was wonderful and saved us a great deal of money and gives the instrument even more meaning to our family. Thanks so much, Dick!

Anyway, Art has opened and closed the case more than 20 times today and played it on all three levels of our home. His nap was cut short as he came down the stairs looking for his cornet. And his tone and sounds have even improved throughout the day. "He's practicing," noticed Jessica after hearing toots coming from the basement. The intense affection for the horn might dim over time, it might not. But right now it's a lot of fun to watch him with it.

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That's how Bix started!

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