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November 15, 2010

Special time with Art!

Around our house spending time alone with a grown-up, without your brother, is called "special time". Yesterday Art was needing some with his mama so I told him we would make it happen. So our special time was going to the co-op together. I told him that we could get him a treat that we would eat it after the shopping was done. And so he chose gummy bears from the bulk section. I chose Hokey Pokey (toffee covered popcorn with almonds!). While I paid for the groceries Art parked himself at one of the tables and waited for me. Then we sat down together and ate our treats.

I got Art a good half cup or so of the bears and told him he could eat them all at once or save some - it was up to him. I purposely did not mention Lewis or sharing or anything because i had read in a book that each child needs to have time when they can be solely the center of attention and not have to think about or be fair to their brother. Anyway, Art said I could decide if he should finish the bears or not. I wouldn't decide for him so he said he would do what I did. I could have easily eaten my whole bag of Hokey Pokey right there, but I also knew I would like to have some later so I saved just a few bites for later and Art saved about 10 bears for later. Then we stopped at a park for a little while one the way home. When we got home Art immediately wanted to give Lewis his leftover gummy bears. That was unexpected! But certainly a nice perk for Lewis.

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