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November 13, 2010

Our first snow.

We woke up to a blanket of thick wet snow. Art and Lewis were thrilled. Jessica heard Art wake up early and walk to the window. Then, "Lewis....LEWIS!"
"What, Art?" said a sleepy, now awake Lewis.
"Look, Lewis, SNOW!"

Jessica has been going to sleep early lately. Earlier anyway. Her normal routine (when I'm at work) is to put Art and Lew to bed, feed the girls, then head to sleep by nine or nine thirty. No TV, no facebooking or emailing, just sleeping. and no blogging either. Which is why you may have noticed less posts by her as of late. I have time at work and at home late after folks are in bed to post stuff.

Anyway, back to the snow. They kids got up, dressed, and played in the snow for a half hour before oatmeal was ready. We usually go to ECFE class saturday mornings but Art refused, instead wanting to play in the snow and go sledding. So I went on my first solo outing with the girls to ECFE and jess went sledding with the boys.

And, as a tired Jessica just told me over the phone, Lewis had trouble falling asleep and cried quite a bit cause he was worried the snow would melt.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my...tell Lewis from someone that lived in Minnesota for 5 winters..not to worry. There will be PLENTY of snow! Helen

Dr Em said...

I still get that excited when I wake up to snow :)

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