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November 16, 2010

The longest 3 hours of my life... Twice.

Well, that would be exaggerating, but I this has definitely been the most challenging daylight hours so far.

Nights are good.  The girls go back to sleep after nursing quite easily and there is a good three or four hours between waking times.  But during the day they are nearly un-putdownable, and today I was basically on my own.  In the morning it was just me and the girls with Lewis and I spent nearly every minute from 9am when Ben took Art to school to 12:30 when my mom came over holding one or both babies, and much of the time nursing (they're undoubtedly going through their six-week growth spurt and "putting in an order" for more milk).  So 3 1/2 hours in the morning was spent with babies in my arms or at the breast while I made snacks for Lewis, made domino trains with Lewis, watched a show with Lewis or made marble toys with Lewis, all while Trudy from Two Betties cleaning scrubbed and mopped for us.

By the time my mom arrived I was fried, and so ready for my daily nap.  I could barely say hello.  Then I woke up an hour or so later with babies ready to nurse and it started all over again.  Another three-plus hours of holding and nursing babies, but this time with Art and Lewis.  Fortunately the boys were cooperative and enjoying each other's company.  And thankfully we have a computer with Youtube videos of amazing domino trains.  They watched them for forty minutes or more before making their own things with dominoes while I desperately tried to put together dinner while holding one or two babies who were again hungry pretty much the whole time.  Man!  My back was tired when Ben walked in the door!  I could NOT WAIT to unload those grubby little babies!

I realized once again how vital extra hands are around here for keeping my stress level down and my mental stamina up for constant childcare.  Expletives were definitely pouring out as the afternoon wore on and if this were a daily thing I would be beyond frazzled.  Instead I was aggravated and tired but not yet at my wits end.  I was nearing it, but not yet there.


Beki said...
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Beki said...
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Beki said...

(I'm going to try this comment again...)
I'm sorry they're so needy, Jessica! I remember when my guys were tiny, by about 4:00 or so... I'd just sit with them on the couch "indian-style" (Or criss-cross-applesauce), with each lying swaddled in the crook of each knee/leg, and bounce my knees up and down constantly while singing Christmas carols and crying because they would not stop crying... until Jason got home when I foisted them on him and took a LONG shower.
I plan to come over to offer help soon, but I have been sick for a week, so I am waiting until I won't infect all of you. Hopefully, next week!!

laura said...

I'm guessing you might have already researched this, and if you haven't, I should have told you about it a few months ago - but if you got another sling or a wrap, you could wear both at the same time. The babywearer website has a whole forum about wearing two at the same time. You can even nurse them while wearing both!
A bit tricky to manage, but once you get used to it, you can occasionally have your hands free.

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