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November 08, 2010

The expectations game.

Jessica and I were just chatting tonight about something worth sharing here. I realize trying to give our four kids what they need (time, attention, love) requires Jessica and I to take really good care of ourselves. We've been making sleep more a priority, and having been napping more and going to bed earlier.

I'm also learning that, with four kids tiny, the expectations I have waking up and starting the day are inevitably toned down. If I hope to get out the door by nine I'll suffer a certain grumpiness when we're heading out at 9:30. And Art and Lew will feel rushed and less able to experience things at their pace.

We have to go with the flow, not try and redirect it. And of course I fail constantly at this and have expectations even for Bailey and Netta (nap, dammit!). But the truth is, the only way Jessica and I will be able to survive the next few years is by being more chill and getting more shuteye.

Today, when everyone went to sleep, I immediately took a nap on the couch, something I don't normally do. But it was so wise! I woke up well rested to a grunting Bailey and a sleepy Lew:

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