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November 10, 2010

Before I dash off to bed...

So, how is it going for the mom of four? I have to say, for the most
part is has been as smooth as it could be thanks mostly to all the
help I have had. Ben's mom, "Nanna" being here made the first two
weeks of Ben returning to work super smooth. She cleaned and changed
babies and soothed babies and hung out with early rising boys and
folded laundry and basically made it possible, easy, for me to focus
on spending time with the boys and feeding the girls. Easy. Now I
have stretches of a few hours here and there when I am alone with all
four. Not so easy but not always hellacious. I fixed a simple dinner
tonight - cut and boiled pasture raised sausage (thanks, Nance!),
cooked up some lima beans and roasted an acorn squash with butter and
brown sugar - all prepared with one hand! I had one baby in a sling
and the other in my arm. It was either that or listen to a screaming
banshee baby while I got dinner together.

The success/easiness of an afternoon is dependent on so many factors
that are not really in my control. A rested and content Art makes for
a happy and entertained Lewis and me, babies that nurse completely and
efficiently makes for longer stretches of hands-free time for me and
more attention for boys and house, and then there's the fussiness
level of each individual girl. That will also determine how much
availability I will have for the rest of the household. But really I
can only encourage these factors so much, otherwise I just have to go
with the flow.

So, today my Mom was here helping out and we got both babies bathed, I
trimmed their nails, Lewis and mom played in the backyard for a good
while, I got to Walgreens to get my prescription and I eventually did
get a nap, but not until 2:30pm and there was no real down time before
then. Netta's been a fussleskins today and required a lot of holding
and cajoling and Lewis, though very creative and able to play alone,
can't be a loner all the time! And of course the girls need to nurse
every three hours or more and then be soothed and such. So we were

Right now I am very very tired. It's 8:36pm and I'm ready to go to
sleep. I'm hopeful and "excited" that I will get that three-hour
stretch of sleep that I got last night!

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