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November 10, 2010

Another nature day, another deer.

On Monday I took the boys to Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield. It such a wonderful spot in the middle of the city. Art and Lew love it. At one point we sat on a bench for 20 minutes eating snacks and breaking sticks by sticking them into the slats of the bench and pulling. It was a stick breaking machine.

And, as advised by a volunteer teenager there, we walked towards the southeast area where he was certain we'd see some deer. And we did. Art and Lew also stopped to methodically peel the entire bark off a fallen tree. It was so satisfying to see huge chunks of rotting bark fall from the tree like meat off the bone. Ahhh.

Can you find the deer?
A brave chipmunk

Can you find the little boy?

Post-hat hair.

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