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October 11, 2010

Working on names and other stuff.

The first day home has been overwhelming. No surprise there. That said, the girls slept fairly well last night and Jessica nursing is going as well as could be expected (although that's from my perspective). The first realization from our newly expanded family is that there's just not time for much of anything. That includes getting to know our babies or spending one on one time with art and lew. although we're managing to do a little of both. Art did say something that just broke my heart today. He has been picking on Lewis more than usual and I asked him if everything was ok. "There's just too many people in our house, Papa. Why are there all these people in our house? I wish it was like it was before. Just me, Lewis, Mama, you." Oh that really hurt. And in the midst of feeling that and shedding tears I know that things will be different soon enough. I know that things change so fast, hearts expand and people evolve. But I felt the blow of Art's sentiment and there was just nothing to say to make him (or me) feel better.

It's also worth noting that Art is loving and generous with these babies. He so gentle with them and loves to snuggle up close and make cute sounds. He's a 4-year-old baby whisperer and loves them alot. I can tell.

Lewis sees them more as property, sorta like a toy. He often addresses the babies as 'my' baby. I wanna hold my baby. I want to give my baby a gackoo. I think eventually the realization that they're not going back to the hospital may be hard for him.

We're working on names! We have until Tuesday at 4pm to name them and will obviously post them on the blog. It will be really really wonderful to give them names. I think it will help the entire family feel more comfortable and accepting and loving towards them. They'll be real people!

Now might be as good a time as any other to invite folks to come spend time with Arthur and Lewis. Even whisking them away for an hour after work for ice cream and a car ride would be wonderful for them and free Jessica and I up to clean the house some and have a conversation. so call or write anytime if you're up for it. And we love visitors. Come over and hang out anytime. Just call ahead. Texting my on my cell phone is a great way since there's no phone ringing. But calling is fine, too.

My plan is to take 2 weeks off of work, them my mother arrives from Arkansas for two weeks, then Jessica mother retires. So hopefully Jessica won't be on her own at any point with all four kids. That'll be fine in a year or so, but this nursing every couple hours makes it tricky.

I'm typing right now with a swaddled baby between my arms on the desk. She has her eyes opening and smells milky and looks dreamy. I look forward to getting to know these two people and watching them get chubby and happy.

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