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October 02, 2010

Jessica's love song.

Jessica wrote and recorded this love song a long time ago and I think it's brilliant and wonderful. Listen with headphones! Hopefully she'll add a little comment below this about how it came about, etc. I'm using some free service to embed the mp3 file here.

Jess says:
"I wanted to write a love song for Ben but we had already been together for a few years and were engaged. I really did gaze at him and dream about being next to him when we first met but I knew if I had written that kind of song he would have felt like, 'Oh, thanks...' but not really been moved by it. I really am 'much too practical for that'. So I wrote him a song about how I wasn't going to write him a love song. Pretty straight forward. That's why it was just right for Ben. He values authenticity.

"I used my cello to pick out the chords and recorded in our apartment in New Hamshire with Ben's interview microphone and free Protools on the computer."


Laurel S said...

This is so beautiful and sweet. Do tell the story, Jess!

Anonymous said...

I love that song Jessy! It was on your wedding CD. Really great! -J

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