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October 17, 2010


First clinic visit with the babes was a comedy of errors. But it wasn't funny anymore when I realized the appointment had take over TWO HOURS! First was the incompetent woman who made the appointment over the phone and needed the names spelled three times before confirming everything was all set. Set for confusion! Because when I arrived to check in the next day they had Matta B and Villy A Garvin. What!?! So that took a while to get resolved. Then the weight and length took a lot of double checking and rechecking and correcting in the computer. Then the doc came in, now with the right names. He said that Netta had already reached her birth weight, by day six. Well, that sounded really wrong. Then I inquired some more. Whoever had assigned the babies' names to their medical records had Bailey as the A, first out baby and Netta as the B baby. So then I had to stay and get that resolved so their records would be correct. What a disaster!

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