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October 08, 2010

Birth photos.

Jessica's cousin Cait took these wonderful photos of birth this morning. Jessica will write a little more over the next few days about the birth, but some brief notes. Labor started around 6:45am Friday morning and took four hours. Jessica had c-sections for Art and Lew and she was hoping to have a normal birth with the twins. And she did it! She did it all by herself. They had paged the fellow who gives epidural but he didn't get the page and by the time he actually arrived Jessica was already pushing--beyond the safe time for an epidural. I was actually sorta pissed but in the end it worked out for the better I think. I think Jessica was really happy
to have done it all on her own. I can't tell you how impressed and proud of her I am.

And the babies are doing really great. Nursing and sleeping well. As Bubbe mentioned, birth with twins happened with such less complications than Art or Lew. What a fun surprise!

Art and Lew visited today with Bubbe. They each held a baby and I took some lovely little video. Art so badly wanted his girl to open her eyes but she was fast asleep. He tried to manually pry them but it didn't work. He did get a nice scrunched up face and a squeak.

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