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October 16, 2010

Best boys' dinner.

Tonight Arthur went to his friend Henry and Ben's house for dinner (prepared by their dad Graham, their mom was working). It has been a highly anticipated night out for Art since we made the plans a few days ago. Graham is a fun dad who speaks perfect boy-language. For example, in inviting Art he asked if he'd like to come over and eat spaghetti and poopballs. This was a totally hilarious joke and brought up often each day until Art headed over for dinner tonight.

When Art got back tonight he immediately told us that he ate spaghetti and poop. Meatballs in the shape of poop! Graham had rolled the sausage out into nice long rolls. So funny! And surprisingly, Art said he peed in his pants, something he hasn't done in ages. But upon further retelling of his evening, it was made clear he peed cause of extreme laughter (as far as I know, only I and my brother Josh have been able to achieve this). According to Art, Graham had asked his younger 3-year-old son Ben to shake his hand and then there was loud fart. "And then asked Ben to do it again and he farted AGAIN!"

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