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October 30, 2010

Arthur with unnamed boy at french fry climbing place.

We don't do it often (ever?) but we stopped by McDonald's the other day in a "we need to feed these kids and let them play" emergency on the way home from the library (any fast food play area is known as a 'french fry climbing place' to our kids).

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Anonymous said...

Well, I told my children that "Ronald was really killing kids...with his food! One of them said (I think Aaron) but he has those houses for sick kids (meaning the Ronald McDonald's Houses)...."guilt I would say." To this day, they laugh about that...but I am told, neither of them stops at McDonald's too often or ever (one of them says). Yes, we do what we do....and sometimes it is fast food! Not to worry...blowing off the energy will take care of it. Helen

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