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October 14, 2010

20 minutes with no serious obligations!

Ben's napping. Lewis is napping. Netta and Bails are napping. I just napped. Art is still at school. I have no obligations for almost 20 minutes until I wake and feed some babies!!!

General health of all women in the house is good. Carma (our cat) is outside in the good weather and Netta, Bailey and I are mostly well, however we are all pretty sleepy. Actually N & B are too sleepy. They have been nursing less and less vigorously, haven't pooped since they've been home (except Bailey, once) and are probably "conserving calories" according to our guardian angel, Katy Miller, new friend who is also a lactation consultant with special twin interest (!). She's been over three times already since we've been home. We are paying her with gratitude, love and a little wine, as well*. And she got to see the pictures of the breech birth, feet first. (Anyone can see them by request, actually. It's pretty awesome and amazing.) Anyway, Katy is concerned that Netta is getting sleepier and now Bailey seems to be as well. Could just be a feeding thing but we will go to the clinic today to get some advice, we rented a pump and I will feed each baby individually then pump then try to find a time to nap and eat.

I am very much looking forward to my outing to the clinic today. Will wear one baby in a sling and carry the other in her car seat. Will post the results!

*I have this dream of getting all the people in one picture who have made my pregnancy and birth and this hectic time home go so smoothly. It would include everyone who made us food, anyone who picked Art up from school, anyone who has changed one baby's diaper while I chatted and nursed the other one, anyone who hung out with one or both of our kids, anyone who picked something off the floor for me, the ENTIRE midwife and labor and delivery unit at HCMC who took me after turning away other mothers so I could still have my warrior birth, Ben's grandmother who paid for some cleaning lady service, the friends and family that painted our bedroom (it's not very tidy right now but still feels like my sanctuary of rest and beauty!), and just all sorts of people with tiny and large contributions of time and energy. I was prepared for this all to be terribly stressful, and I have been terribly stressed at times, but the overall feeling is even keel and grateful for two beautiful new babies and a big, newly sized family. I know we would not be able to find so many moments of peace and harmony without so many people doing even the smallest things to help out. It really, truly does take a village...

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