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September 09, 2010

Twins and Twin Mama Update!

Just had another check up today.  I've gained another four pounds since my last appointment two weeks ago - right on track!  My fundus measurement, basically the length of my uterus, is 41cm, three more than last appointment.  What does that mean?  Well, if I was having a single baby I would probably be measuring one centimeter per week so I would be about 33cm.  So basically all the fundus measurement says about my twin-filled belly is that it is BIG!  My midwife said 38cm is usually about as far a singleton mom usually gets before delivering.  Twins.  It's different.

Anyway, Twin A is still head down on the right side and Twin B is still on top and super active.  B has been consistantly jumpy and busy for weeks.  I wonder how that will play out when they're born.  Will A be a quieter, sit-and-watch kind of kid and B a busy body?  Time will tell.

That's the check-up!  

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