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September 16, 2010

The latest ultrasound...

This is probably the last ultrasound I'll have before labor. LABOR! I'm scared about going into labor and possibly having a non-surgical birth for the first time, but also pumped about trying to do it and definitely excited to meet the two girls.

Anyhoo, this time I got to have Ben and Lewis around while I did my weekly baby monitoring test and the last ultrasound. Here I am being monitored. Look how flat my belly button is!

Here Lewis is eating ice chips with a spoon.  He ate a whole bunch at first and said, "Too cold, Papa!" then Ben showed him he could take a tiny bite.  Which he did again and again.

This is a 3D pic of Baby A, who is head down on my right side.  I think she's pretty well squished.  She's not as jumpy as her sister/wombmate.

This is B's ear.  She was moving around far too much to get a decent profile or anything, but the tech tried and got this very well defined ear pic.

The tech was saying the ultrasound gets a pretty accurate measurement for weight, but the OB always comes in the room with this card saying, "Ultrasound is not a scale, but here are the estimates..."  I can't believe it.  Six pounds?  Where!  I know I have a projectile belly and everything, but really!?  But I must admit, I've been feeling nudges and jabs under my sternum.  It's a miracle I still have enough lung space to breathe.

Here's the Big Brother To Be!  Lewis is happy if I talk about how he will get to hold a baby, and so will Papa and Art!  He was happy when we talked about that.  But when I told him that the babies will take a lot of work and time from Mama and Papa he got sulky.  When I told the boys that they might one day wake up and find Bubbe at our house while Mama and Papa are at the hospital "trying to get the babies out" Lewis said, "No, Mama."  I do wish and hope Lewis will have many carefree, on-top-of-the-world moments like this even during the transition into a family of six.  That's just one of the reasons we'll be calling in troops to help us out when babies arrive.

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DA Parker said...

What is the most decadent, rare, exciting thing the boys get to do ... and then we'll do it while babies are being born and they'll remember the day forever

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