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September 25, 2010

Enjoying our precious time.

Perhaps it's because our days as a threesome are numbered or maybe it's just because we're all in great moods, but Art, Lewis and I have been thoroughly enjoying our evenings together lately.  I hobble around while they play with trains, watch a show or otherwise occupy themselves.  They accept my limited mobility and energy level and I just do the best I can.  We eat dinner together and talk about the food and make little jokes or just say the same silly thing over and over and over (tonight's was "My feet stick out of bed all night!").  Bedtimes have been mostly easy going and joke filled as well.  Oh!  I'm not saying there aren't moments when I lose my cool!  Tonight Art decided that he "hated" the book we were reading and protested by hopping up and down in bed and yelling, "No, no no no!" until I lost it and pushed his hopping body down, a move that Ben does all the time in silly wrestling, but Art knew it was not silly and I knew it was a hostile move on my part.  He got upset, I held him, he listened to the book and started noticing things and being regular Art. 

Then a baby started moving in my belly.  

Art and Lewis put their tiny hands on my giant belly and waited to feel something.  Art thought maybe the baby moved because I had just moved, so I moved around again and got some action.  Lewis was excited!  Then there was a really big, visible squirm.  Art was thrilled!  "That was a really big head!"  He wondered what the baby was doing or if the two babies ever play together in there.  I told him that he could talk to them and both Art and Lewis started saying hello.  Lewis said, "Hello in dere!" and Art commented that the babies can not understand what we are saying and that we can't understand what they are saying.  This is all part of his theory, which I think is brilliant, that the babies will be able to understand each other because they are both babies but we won't be able to understand them until they can use our words.  Then Lewis said, "I have a baby movin' in mine belly!"  I put my hand on his little toddler belly and pretended I felt something.  Laughing all around.  Art played along, too and felt Lewis' baby.  Then Lewis put his hand under his shirt and said, "A baby movin!" Then two hands in there so there were two babies moving.  Art did it, too.  It was really funny.

So precious that we can share this special time together.  Both Lewis and Art seperately wondered if the babies were trying to get out.  Hey, I wouldn't put it past the boys to predict - without being told Art said, "Baby coming out!" when I was in early labor with Lewis, and I thought I was playing things really cool.  So let's see if I am still pregnant this time tomorrow, everyone!  The fortune tellers are reading the cards...

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