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September 22, 2010

Cousins visiting each other.

My sister, Emily, is in the hospital while her in-utero baby continues to cook safely. I really like her attitude about being sentenced to indefinite hospital bedrest. She said, "Well, it's better than bedrest at home because I'd be all worried in between check-ups and it's better than having a baby right now." (She's 32 weeks.) Emily. Always so practical.

Here we are comparing bellies and laughing about various aspects of pregnancy.

So Ben and I brought her some Chipotle lunch and hung out a bit. Ben pushed me a wheelchair again just to save time, since I'm soooooooooooo slow walking, and a guy said, "You guys are going fast! Good luck!" as we wheeled by. It was really funny to think everyone must think we were going to go give birth. And apparently the nurses in Emily's wing were a little exasperated when I came in last night to visit because they thought I was and bypassing the correct assessment/registering area for labor. It's fun to think people are all thrown off like that.

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