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September 15, 2010

Best train track and I'm on a horse.

Here's Jessica email form the other night:

From: "Jessica Parker"
To: "Ben Garvin"

Boys are playing on what I think is my best train track ever! And just
walking around each and pushing their individual mish-mosh trains around.
Both kids have one piece of bullet train, one piece of recycling train and
lots of other hodge podge pieces. Art's singing the Train Song from music
class while he goes around and around. You are on a horse.

Hey! You really are a stud! You're on a horse just like the Old Spice guy!
I really got a winner.

And it's true, I WAS on a horse. Shooting photos for a story on fun things to do with your kids. At one point my horse started galloping (I had tapped it with my heals in hopes of a trot) and I couldn't stop it cause I was holding two heavy cameras in each hand. Funny and scary.

Here's the funny ad Jessica was referencing:

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