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August 20, 2010


The other day Devontae (my little brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I went to Water Park of America (I had a couple free tickets). It's the huge beast of a building across from Mall of America. I was excited to see what the place was like, and it was entirely dissapointing. Certainly worth two free tickets but a total ripoff for the full price $26 (each!). The most fun was this huge wave machine thing that shot a 20 foot wide sheet of water up over a hump and you could surf on it in place. The slightest mistake and the board would get swept under you and then your entire body would be pushed up and over the hump in a sort of violent watery chaos. fun! Here's Devontae, and below that is a lovely photo he took of me just after I had wiped out...

and here's someone else's photo with a clearer view of the ride:

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