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August 06, 2010

Waking up to a boy's dream come true.

Yesterday I finished painting Art and Lewis's room a fresh, light "silverleaf" grey.  It was stinky at nap time so the three of us slept in the big bed.  About an hour and half later I half-woke to the sound of chains and big tires and bump here and there.  Art's legs started stirring, then he popped up and said, 'Mama!  I hear a loader!'  We went straight to the window and Lewis sat up, too, 'Uh-see a loader, Mama...'  We quickly got on some shorts, peed-a-potty, I grabbed a sleeve of graham crackers, two fruit leathers and filled my water bottle.  Then we spent the next thirty minutes eating our snack on a neighbors lawn watching a bobcat dig up part of the street.  Nice way to wake up when you are a boy.

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