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August 13, 2010

Still refusing to go back upstairs.

So I was done reading books at 8:30, but forgot the bedtime snack.  We went downstairs to get pickles (since we were reading about Penny and Pickles pig and they were going past a big pickle truck so naturally, the kids wanted pickles) then I grumpily got them back upstairs for bed.  Sang some made-up dinosaur lullabies, which are the recent favorites, and said "I'm going downstairs now."  Lewis said, "Uh-not uh-coming upstairs anymore, Mama?"  and I replied that, no, I was not.  Started tidying the kitchen and Art came to the stairs saying that they were going to sit at the top of the stairs and not get back in their beds.  I said fine, just get back in bed by yourself.  I won't be coming up to tuck you in again.  So here it is, twenty minutes later.  I still hear the occasional feet stepping around in their room and I really don't know what they are doing but they are leaving me alone so I am happy.  At the very least they have learned that once I've sung the lullaby my work is done with them.  I outta' there!

Here is a sample of the kind of dinosaur lullaby I make up on the spot for each kid.  Making them rhyme and make sense is a fun challenge, all while spontaneously creating a tuneful and relaxing melody.  

Go to sleep
Rest your great big head.
close your eyes
snuggle in your bed.
You are tired, your bed is warm
your covers snug and tight.
Go to sleep 
Sleep now thru the night.

(That was a hard one.  I had to stop a lot and break the musical rhythm, but that's pretty much a perfect example of a dinosaur lullaby ala Mama Jess.)

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