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August 31, 2010

Our boys are different.

This post is part of the recent Lewis Fest on our blog, but it also just celebrates the differences between Parker Garvin boy #1 and #2.  

When Art was Lewis's age he was sleeping in a bed with a guard rail, kinda like Lewis is now, able to get out any time he would like.  But he never did.  I think he might have been three years old or more before he would consistently just get out of bed on his own.  Instead he would call to us from his room, "Mama!  I'm awake!" or "Covers!  Covers!"  We would try to show him how to pull his own covers up, we would tell him before he went to sleep to go ahead and get out when he was done sleeping, but no, he would stay in until we came to meet him there.

Lewis, being second and also just being a different kid, is a different story.  He has been getting out of bed on his own since he was released from his crib and he has been taking care of his needs by himself, too.  He will trudge over to the bathroom, reach up to turn on the light, groggily sit on his potty and go, then he'll often come in and ask for helping getting back in bed.  Or, like the other night, he will let himself into the bathroom, pull out the stool, grab a cup and fill it with water!  Maybe I should start putting out eggs and a pan in the morning and just tell him, "Go ahead and make breakfast, Lewis".  

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Nance said...

I can't help but see the similarities with Nora and Cait. Cait was the same way - very capable at a young age. It must have something to do with how they learn by watching and imitating, and Lew sees his brother do all of these things and figures he can do them, too, instead of not being able to do them. He probably figured out that it's a lot faster, too, than waiting. Smart boy!

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