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August 01, 2010

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It should be easy.  I'm hard to miss.

According to my mother there was an "audible gasp" as I walked onstage with my fellow altos for our recent concert.  And today I fielded three separate "You look like you're ready to go any day now" comments during my grocery run.  It's no wonder that every book I've read about raising twins has addressed the issue of strangers' comments.  Most resources have committed a section, or even small chapter, to the attention twin-pregnant mom draws and then the barrage of comments the babies will draw after they are born.  There are suggested strategies for responding to or even avoiding the attention.  

The books and a couple people we know who have twins have provided some lists to prepare us.  "You look like you're ready to pop" is really up there.  I heard three versions just today.  And "Do twins run in your family?" is another one.  'Gotten that countless number of times already.  Countless.  Apparently I can expect, "Did you use fertility drugs?" and "Do you plan to breast feed?"  The breast feeding one has come up several times, but so far just with people who know me.  I can understand the difficulty wrapping one's brain around nursing two babies.  After they are born I will apparently hear "Are they twins?!?!" almost constantly and "You sure have you're hands full!" all the time.  "Are they identical?" is a hot one and I have been asked that many times already, sometimes more than once by the same person.  One book recommended not making eye contact while I am out about with my twin-packed double stroller so as to avoid giving an invitation for curious onlookers.  Another suggestion was to wear one baby and stroll the other siting that "most people don't even notice the baby you're wearing" so you avoid oggling there, too.  We'll see as this road goes along.

I'm actually not bothered by the attention or comments. I like to surprise people when they ASK a question like "When's your baby due?" I say "They are do in October." And I'm happy I'm getting really big, it means the babies are growing!

For now I am still very comfortable but also very tired most of the time.  I took a nap this morning and I about to take another.  I'm out of air after climbing a measly flight of stairs and mopping the floor is out of the question.  I practically need a whole 'nother nap to recover from that activity.  Thank you, Ben, for being so supportive of my near-constant desire to put my feet up and picking up so much slack around the house and with the kids.  Anyone who would like to come over and hang out with Art and Lew while I sleep is totally welcome.  I'll be gestating.


Dr Em said...

When I'm at the mall, I pretend I am talking on my phone or texting. That way those people at the kiosks don't ask me if I want my hair straightened or need hand lotion.

BTW, when people ask "do twins run in your family" it is a less nosy way of asking if you used fertility treatments.

As Bess would say, "good job gestating!"

Beki said...

It all depends on the questioner as to whether or not the questions are annoying to me. Now when they say I have my hands full... with two 3-year-old boys, I say, yes, yes I do! And you get to say it with even more emphasis, I think! =)
And I can't remember if your babes are identical or not-- or if you know-- but people never believe us when we say we don't think our guys are, so really you can make up all kinds of crazy stuff for the answers. They make up their own minds anyway.
=) Beki

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