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August 12, 2010

Double mama has big shoes to fill.

My comfort level has gone down a big notch lately and my fatigue level has skyrocketed. I'm gaining nicely, the twins are growing really well and I weigh a good 170 pounds (!) which is really hard to carry around. I wake up with sore feet every morning and my favorite shoes are Ben's crocs (pictured below). Ben has been cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, carrying the laundry and anything else that's semi-heavy and basically giving me the go ahead to put my feet up at any time. Our goal is to keep these babies in there to full term. In the meantime, this is what I usually look like, or at least want to look like, after I've made dinner:

The stupidest things exhaust a 170 pound woman with babies squishing her lungs.

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