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August 21, 2010

And I thought I was dressing up to go toilet shopping.

A few weeks ago my friend Laurel (Si's mom) asked me for a list of things I might need for the babies which she would circulate amongst our mutual mom friends. I obliged with a detailed list of baby things and household/childcare help needs. She wrote back and said, "Perfect!" Strange response, but I was happy, nonetheless.

Art's preschool teacher, Jen, invited us over to try out the new loft she had built in the preschool. Then she reneged saying she had to be somewhere, but she did have a box of things for me to use for the babies. Sounds great, I thought. We'll do the loft another time and pick up the box.

Josh offered out of the blue to come over and play with the kids this morning. Weird. Usually he offers to take them to a pool or the dog park, not just putz at home. Whatever. This meant I could get my important errands done with Ben, unencumbered. We needed groceries and a new toilet for the basement.

Ben said, "Let's make it a date and dress up!" Sounds fine to me, I thought. It's not often we get to run errands together without the kids. So we'll go to Menard's looking cute. "Ok," I said, "But I have to get these errands done."

So I dressed up in my recent loans from my stylish and pregnant sister, Emily, and tried to beautify my face a little, even thought I was cranky.

I was TOTALLY surprised when I arrived at Jen's house to find a room filled with women I LOVE dearly throwing me a baby shower!!! I had no idea!!! I was so overwhelmed with love and good feeling I just had to cry. There was delicious food and sparkly drinks made by Jen, the house had a clothesline of baby clothes across the living room and pink balloons in pairs. The gifts were new (like a brand new ergo carrier with the new improvements I have drooled over) and used (like a onesie that Art's friend Henry had worn!). One friend happily thrifted a basket full of baby girl clothes and one friend gave me two big bags of handmedowns that her daughter (Evva!) had hand selected and a programmable rice cooker, which I only put on the list as a lark since it would just be a great convenience in busy baby times. I could go on and on. I'll stop now, but not before thanking Jen for hosting such a lovely morning and Laurel for co-conspiring in it's organization. Check out the pictures and feel the joy. It was a wonderful morning that filled me with love and energy.

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