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July 26, 2010

Oh, four tuna!

This weekend I sang with the U of Mn Summer choir. We did Carmina Burana, one of those pieces that just about everyone has heard in movies or commercials but doesn't know what it is. Anyway, it was a blast! And Art really wanted to come. Luckily the piece is only 55 minutes long and it was the only thing on the program. So he and I listened to the CD several times together, and danced, so he would know what to expect. The music sounds really grand and important, but actually a lot of the movements are about basic human desires like food (there's a movement sung from a swan's point of view as he roasts on a spit), sex (lots of songs about sex) and drinking (the longest movement is all about getting completely inebriated). Anyhow, according to Ben Art was really into it, leaning over several times to cue him in like, "Papa... mmm mmm mm... this one is about... mm mmmm mmm. girls trying to look pretty" and things like that. About 40 minutes along or so Art said, "Papa, I'm sleepy for real," and moved to Ben's lap. Then they left a little later.

It was great fun for me to be with a lot of my choir buddies and to sing an alltime favorite. I wish you all could have been there!

p.s. "Oh, four tuna!" is what the latin sounds like, but it is really oh Fortuna. Ha ha.

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