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July 13, 2010

Napping streak continues.

I'm on a nearly-four month napping streak. I have not missed a nap in all that time. Every day. There have been some near-misses, but I've always managed to get one in. It's all part of my grow-healthy-twin-babies plan. Eat a lot of high-protein, nutritious food and rest. It's hard work. Anyway, today was an extra lovely nap experience because my kids were awake as I slept. Here's how it played out:

After lunch it looked like we all could use a rest, especially me, so we trudged upstairs for a nap. As happens quite often lately, Art popped out of bed ten minutes after getting in saying he didn't want to take a nap. I told him he could play upstairs but I would keep sleeping. Eventually Lewis joined him. I stayed about 13% conscious, just enough to hear them running water and talking about crocodiles and sharks with the bath toys. Later Art came in and said they were going to go downstairs. I wrestled with the idea of getting out of bed but decided that the doors were locked, they can't get "out" so I would just lay there a little longer. A while later Art came into my room and said, "Did you hear the song I was playing on the piano? It sounded like a real song! Did you hear it?" I told him yes, a 87% lie, and asked what Lewis was doing. "He's making a zoo, because I told him to." Ok. Back to mostly sleep. I heard some more piano playing. Later he came back up, asked if I'd heard it again and this time I could more truthfully say yes. Lewis came up, too. He needed to sleep so I helped him into bed and took Art downstairs to watch his new shark show. When I got downstairs I saw the blocks on the floor with some animals which was the zoo Lewis had been making. I also found a package of graham crackers on the dining room table with a scissors used to open the package. They had helped themselves to a snack! Later found a cup in the bathroom with hand soap in it, clearly a bubble making project and the reason for the running water while they were still upstairs.

How long was I 87% asleep? Almost 45 minutes. What a lovely, fun adventure for them on their own, and for me to wake up and find the remains of. I'm smiling just imagining Art taking care of Lewis and himself so well.

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