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July 28, 2010

My Summer Reading List, and a couple funny comments

Our children are trying to drive each other crazy.  I honestly can not leave them alone except under the most special of circumstances.  Unless they are involved in some mutually designed project like rolling things down a 2x4 or painting with water-doused chalk Lewis will be screaming, causing Art to scream and cry, or run away from his brother cackling about his achievements.  It's been exhausting and terrible!   So I am reading "Siblings without Rivalry", apparently a 'classic' in parenting literature and highly recommended by the author of my most recent read, "The Explosive Child".  Oh, and I've also reread "Contact" by Carl Sagan for fun.  But I digress...

So we're dealing with a host of sibling torture about what's "mine", who's first... mostly invoked by Art with a taunting little smile but not always.  Lewis knows how to get Art, too.  He can scream at the top of his lungs which will usually make Art crumble, or he start banging on a drum right next to Art and not stop until a parent has physically removed him.  As my friend Erin, an excellent school teacher, has said about her own kids, "I think they are exploring conflict.  In order to figure out how to deal with conflict they have to create some."  Yep.  We have a lot of conflict lately.

Now on to a couple funny comments from today.

Art:  (coming up to me in a whiny, baby-like voice for a hug, then bumping into my twin-filled belly) Too hard!

Lewis: A baby in a belly, Mama?
Me:  Yep, two babies in my belly!
Lewis:  A baby a gackoo, Mama?
Me:  No, they don't have gackoos?
Lewis: Why, Mama?

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