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July 10, 2010

going to bed

email from Jess late Saturday night:
Just so you know, Lew's sheets are wet again but this time it's
because I put a little table next to his bedside with your water
bottle on it, so he could get his own water when he wanted it. When I
went up to check on him the water bottle was in bed with him, on its
side, contents emptied. So I laid a towel under him and got him a new
cover but I tell 'ya, I can't make that bed again! It's exhausting!

Oh, and both kids went to bed with tiny flashlights and both
flashlights were in their clutches, "on" but completely dead. Art
wanted to look at the last page in Wonderbear and his snake book and
Lewis just wanted a flashlight, too. I think Art is still clutching
his dead flashlight now because he got up to pee an hour ago and
grabbed it when I was putting his covers back on.

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