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July 28, 2010

Checking up well!

Yesterday I had a routine ultrasound to check up on the twins and be sure they are growing at even rates and well. My midwife said, "You had a beautiful ultrasound! You couldn't have asked for a better twin ultrasound." Both babies are estimated at around 2 lbs and change with "beautiful" hearts, good movement and all their necessary parts. One of them, Twin A, is curled up in my right side with her head down while the other, Twin B, is stretched "transverse" bent at the waist with her body and head across the top of my uterus and legs and feet hanging down over the left side. B took a lovely 3D picture:

Twin B

A was less cooperative for the 3D pics, but the technician got this very nice profile:

Twin A

And here is a picture better displaying their position. Those are Twin B's feet in A's face. She kicked her many times while the tech did her measurements. B! Do I have to separate you two?!?!

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Renae said...

My entire pregnancy, Taelor was movin' and grovin' all over the place, while Rylan was all squished up on my left side, just taking every jab and kick she sent his way. Even now, she still dominates.

Glad to hear that everything went well at your check up. The 3-D pictures are amazing.

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