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July 04, 2010

back from our trip, but first...

It's the FOURTH OF JULY! Right now I am waiting for Art to come back
from his Big Boy fun time with school friend Henry, Henry's dad, his
preschool teacher Ms Jen and her two boys, Wil and Henry. They all
went to Powderhorn Park to see the fireworks. Art talked about seeing
the fireworks all day. I think he must have asked me 30 times when he
got to see them. Well, he's probably being walked back from the park
right now. I hope he had a good time!

Lewis saw some street fireworks after dinner and said it was too loud.
And then "too loud AGAIN, Mama." He would cover his ears, but only
buried his head into me one time. Mostly he still wanted to watch
them. What's interesting is that when I checked on him after he was
asleep tonight there were firecrackers going off and he covered his
ears in his sleep.

Tonight we will all three sleep in the Giant Bed with the a/c on. Ben
is still on the way home with the minivan he wisely spared the kids
and I the torture of another long road trip to get home. However, I
must admit I envy his two+ days of alone-time and self-determined
stops and sleeping until he feels like waking up. Question: Why do
kids who go to bed at nearly 11pm wake up at 6:30am? That's just not

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