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June 26, 2010

We made it!

So we rolled in today around four to the Center in Myrtle Beach. Jess was especially happy that we arrived when art and lew were sleeping--she has fond memories of magically arriving at her family's cottage after a long car nap.

We saw a small alligator tonight swimming through the dark lake, something art was especially excited about. His bright red eyes lit up when our fashlight beam hit him. After we saw it Art immediately wanted to go home and tell mama who was having some time to herself. "Let's go Papa, come on," he said as the thing swam in our direction--I wanted to get a closer look but art just wanted to go tell mama. "I just really like to tell mama about the things I see," he explained.

Meanwhile Lewis was scared of the loud secadas and wanted to be held. "ascared uhbugs, Papa." Wimp!!!

There are so many spiders here. We stopped to watch one as it built its web. Amazing, really amazing. He looked chaotic and unfocused, barely holding on as the wind shook him violently on his weak web. But as he pranced around he trailed a strand of material and this semetrical thing of beauty took shape. I could have watched a long time.

We swam in the ocean a bit, the surf was high and sorta dangerous, pulling sideways and outward. Jessica, who loves combing the beach and finding cool things,  has devised a shell collecting strategy. Collect shells each time at the ocean, bring them back the next day and replace shells she's fallen out of favor with with better finds. Repeat for entire trip until she's left with shells she really loves.

Its hot and humid, all sleeping bodies in our cabin have a non-rotating fan aimed at their mostly naked body.

We will be off the map and not blogging for a while, although on the map here:

These 2 pix are from my cell phone taking a photo of the display of my nicer camera. Anywya, one is from here and the other from our hotel last night. The beds were super bouncy...
Take care, ben

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