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June 01, 2010

Train of thought.

We recently moved the train table to it's summer location on the front porch and Lewis is pleasantly obsessed with it. When dinner was ready he said, "A-play a train, Mama?" I assured him he could still play with the trains after dinner. Being agreeable as he often is he just said, "Ok," and came to the dinner but not before asking if he could bring the trains to the table. Trains also work on the road! He amused himself with one piece of track and one train while in the car and here he is playing with some trains at a restaurant last night.

While Art took his after school nap today Lewis played for over an hour and a half at the train table. That's more than ninety minutes! I actually started to get bored! I cleaned the kitchen, checked my email and surfed the net, ran some laundry, made and ate tater tots (Delivered some to Lewis, too. He ate while he worked at the train table and then said, "More 'tatoes, please!") and just putzed. He just moved the trains around the track over and over and sometimes would add new pieces to an unfinished section. I would occasionally hear a quiet, "Uh oh," and visited with him a few times but he was pretty much self-sufficient for the whole time.

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