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June 24, 2010

Road trip sum up...

I am writing from ben's phone to reprt that in gneneral this LONG road trip is gping really well. We stopped in Chicago to visit and stay with my cousin staci and her husband and 2 1/2 year old son. Had fun with his toys and a great breakfastt beforwe heading off to the Field Mueseum for dinosaur bones. Then we went to Millenium Park to see the fountians and the Shiny Bean. When Art saw the bean he stopped in his tracks and said, "whoh. I can believe it" and just stared at it, mumbling to himself. Then it was back to the car with our tired, cranky children to head for Ben's grandma's in IN.

We are managing the road time with books on tape, which Art is loving, a big coolor of snacks and sandwich materials and frequent rest stops for pee breaks and frizbee throwing. Have you ever seen Art throw a frizbee? He may still collapse into a tantrum if his food spills on the floor but he can throw a frizbee better than most grown ups.

Now we're in the long haul through Kentucky, Tenessee and onward to Myrtle Beach,SC.. Art is listening to a Curious George book and Lewis is studying the train page in a Richard Scarey book. I'm going to eat a contraband candy bar...

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