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June 24, 2010

Mealtime crazies.

Stir crazy and still 6+ hours of road time to go. Art, the picky eater, happily ate his self-designed subway sandwich yestersay getting a good dose of protien for the long haul, so wee ordered again today. "I don't want the meat. Just the cucumbers." Says Ben, holding head in hands, "fuck!" We will have to endure whing, impossible to tolerate humgry Art if we don't get him to eat the sandwich. Says Ben when asked to help Art clean up a spill, "if ytou eat your sandwich." Art, "can I have some pop?" Ben, "if you eat your sandwich." Art wanted to back to the car and Ben said, "you have toeat your sandwich. I'm going to force you to eat that sandwich and stuff it down youtr throat."

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